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Legal Documents You Will Require.

The legal requirements are that you must be over 18 years of age and free to marry. The paperwork begins with the Notice of Intended Marriage, (NOIM).

The NOIM must be lodged with me, signed and witnessed at least one month and one day in advance of the wedding date but no more than 18 months before. You can obtain a form from me or download from The Attorney General Department.

Birth Certificates

Australian citizens are required (this is law) to show an original birth certificate.

I have to sight these and record their numbers on the Notice Of Intended Marriage Form.


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Australian Passports are not acceptable for evidence of birth. People born overseas with a foreign passport with English translations clearly shown may present a passport as evidence of birth. Overseas birth certificates (with certified English translations) are acceptable too.

If applicable: Bring evidence of finalised dissolution (decree absolute) of previous marriage, or death certificate of previous partner.

Reminder: Australian law requires me to actually sight legal documentation such as birth certificates, decree absolutes, death certificates, etc. If applicable, certified English translations are required.


There is no set fee or guidelines, so the charge is usually appropriate for the level of service they provide. My fee includes guidance, meetings, advice, correspondence, all the legal paperwork, commemorative Marriage Certificate, experience, local travel and the Ceremony itself.