Wedding ceremony


Wedding Ceremonies should be a joyous and happy occasion celebrating the commitment of two people on their wedding day. My aim is to highlight this day for you both as you come together to be husband and wife. To achieve this I provide you with:

  • Supplied legal forms with explanation.
  • All the legal requirements and time lines. I mail all legal documents to government authorities after your wedding.
  • Sample ceremonies.
  • A range of readings to include in your ceremony.
  • Advice papers from the Commonwealth Government and counselling agencies.

Commitment Ceremonieswedding wide

For a range of reasons couples may not want to, or may not be able to commit to a legal marriage. The ceremony and process are much the same just without some of the words and the documents.

Renewal of Vows

These ceremonies are similar in format to a wedding ceremony but at the outset I state that the ceremony is a Renewal or Re-affirmation of Vows Ceremony and not a marriage ceremony.

Renewals offer an opportunity for couples to celebrate their continuing love for each other. Often renewals are linked to a significant wedding anniversary.

Again there are many paths leading to these ceremonies and they are a deepening of a commitment already made, held and cherished.

To still be in love and to celebrate with a ceremony, the passing of years often with children present is a wonderful and special choice. Offering an opportunity to really enjoy and celebrate your relationship can be exceptional.

wedding ceremony

Baby Naming

This is a non religious way of celebrating the blessings that children bring as they help create your family. Parents name their child(ren) in the presence of family and friends who in turn acknowledge and welcome a new life into their culture and way of life. Naming Ceremonies gently honour and celebrate the child's place within its family, community and the bigger family of humankind.

Naming Ceremonies remind adults of the responsibilities involved in raising children as well as recognising and appointing those who will have an important role to play in the emerging young life. Certificates for parents are issued at the ceremony.


Wedding Celebrant

Life event celebrant – a celebration of all major life events.

As a funeral celebrant I can assist you with difficult task or organising and preparing a funeral of a loved one.

For those of you who are caring for someone living with a potentially fatal illness, I encourage you to contact me as soon as you begin to think about the need to arrange a funeral. Beginning conversations about what happens after death, before the death occurs is the single greatest support you have available at what is a crucial and vulnerable time.

The involvement of all key people involved coming together to meet and arrange the funeral in a way that supports all of you –  to honor the dying and the living of your family member or friend in what you create for them and also in how you create it.

Knowing what their life and death gave to all who loved them takes time. This is done through recalling, recounting and re-telling the events, stories, facts and experiences of their life: from birth to death and all the living in between.

As your celebrant, I will work with you to make the transition smoother for you all with this discussion between all people involved.


Other ceremonies

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